[CANADA]プリンスエドワードカウンティ ラベンダー&ワイナリーツアー


Tour ID: canar0707


プリンスエドワードカウンティ ラベンダー&ワイナリーツアー!


ワイナリーの見学もありますよ。昼食つきで、途中 The Big Apple にも立ち寄ります。


Lavender Festival 2018 at “PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY”

Departure: SAT. JULY 7 2018

Return: 6:00:PM

Cost: $99.00 + H.S.T.

Tripon welcomes you all to come and celebrate the beautiful Prince Edward Country about 2hrs east of Toronto.Come celebrate with us and enjoy a day trip full of fragrance, taste and entertainment! The farm has 3 acres of lavender and 1 acre of other fine herbs. We want to share the beauty of our purple fields, the exquisite aroma of the essence of flowers and the flavor of the culinary treats along with some wine tasting and a wonderful lunch at Waupoos States Winery with a stop at the Big Apple!