Business Travel Management

Let us help you to manage your business travel

There are reasons why it's so beneficial to use us!

Reduce Business Travel Cost

Reasons why your travel expense can be so high
In general, it is said that there is a direct relationship between the timing you purchase tickets and air fares. That means the later you purchase air tickets, the higher air fares you end up spending. In addition, there is another potential reason, travelers perhaps book air tickets and hotels on their own without complying with the company policies for instance.  To sum up, management is the key point to reduce your travel cost. We Kintetsu are here to help you to manage your travel expense and maximize productivity at the same time.

When we book your business trips, we always compare prices from different booking sources and offer you the most suitable option while adhering your travel policy. There are many companies which have succeeded in reducing travel cost. It is easy to book travels online nowadays, but there are still many reasons why it is beneficial to utilize travel agencies.


Maximize Your Productivity

Time is money!
It is definitely a burden to search flights and hotels on your own. Let us help the part, so you can focus on your work! Our highly experienced consultants will discuss travel needs and travel habits with your administrative manager to concrete your travel policy and create a profile for each employee.

After successfully setting up your profile, you could now make your business travel booking requests though our online system and will be provided some options to choose from, while adhering the company policy. Enjoy no-hassle booking experience with us!

Account Management

No more gathering receipts!
Whether you pay by your own credit card or a company credit card, when you arrange your biz trips on your own, you need to make a payment right away and paper works will be waiting for you. Kintetsu can make it more simple! We're pleased to arrange the following flexible payment options to meet your needs.

・Credit Card Payment Option
Your trip will be charged from your/company's credit card.

・Credit Sale Option
We cover your expenses temporarily and an invoice will be sent to your account department directly every month. 

*The options can be combined depending on your each trip.

Furthermore, monthly reports are available upon request. Please ask us for more detail.


Risk Management

We got your back!
We track your upcoming trips at all times and in case of an emergency, cancellation, or change of plans, our agents are more than happy to assist you to arrange alternative plans.

Air tickets* purchased from us include travel insurance covering some of the certain emergency events will make travelers comfortable.

*Limited to round-trip tickets
*Click here for full detail of the insurance policy

Let Kintetsu look for ways to reduce your business travel costs, help your company gain control & navigate travel risks. Please feel free to contact us for more detail and inquiry!

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