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You may think that the best deals of air tickets are only available at (airline).com web sites.
The fact is that travel agencies can often offer better prices than those available on the websites.

International Ticket to Japan

Planning a trip to Japan?
If your final destination is an interior city (i.e. Nagoya, Hiroshima), we can get you to your final destination with a small added cost in conjunction with international air tickets.  Seats on Japan domestic flights are inventory controlled, so book your seats early.

Flying at Christmas/New Year?
If you are planning to visit Japan over the Christmas/New Year period, you should purchase air tickets months ahead of time. The demand on inventories for low fare seats  are very strong in the first few days of the New Year. If you miss out the low fare inventories, you pay hundreds of dollars more for the exactly same seat. Other busy times are late March-early April (cherry blossom/spring vacation), late April-early May (golden week) and middle of August (Obon and Summer Vacation).

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Cost of ticket
Tickets for Japan usually cost $1,000-$2,000 in economy class depending on departure/arrival cities, travel season and availability of your desired flights. Ask us for the best price for your trip.

Our partner airlines
Our other partner airlines serving Japan are Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and American Airlines.

Price guarantee
As air fares change frequently without notice, your ticket price is not guaranteed until the ticket is purchased.

Lowest fare
Usually, the lowest fare of air tickets are available during winter months (off-peak travel season).

Click "Air Canada" logo for online search or fill out the flight inquiry form. Remember to check out Air Canada premium economy class (designated cabin) and business class with flat bed.

Japan Domestic Ticket

Both JAL: Japan Airlines* (member of One World alliance) and ANA: All Nippon Airways* (member of Star Alliance) offer special domestic fares. All flights must be booked online with an exemption of JAL Welcome to Japan fare.
* free WiFi on all major domestic flights

ANA offers the following fares:
ANA Discover Japan fare (¥3,241 - ¥65,093 per flight)
Visit JAPAN fare (¥13,000 per flight, min. 2 flights)
Experience Japan fare (¥5,500 - ¥11,000 per flight)
Book your ANA flights online

JAL offers the following fares:
Japan Explorer Pass (¥5,500, ¥7,700 or ¥11,000)
Welcome to Japan fare (¥13,000 per flight, min. 2)**
Book JAL Japan Explorer Pass online
** contact us to book Welcome to Japan fare tickets

All fares are exclusive of tax and correct as of June 30, 2020. Please note that all fares are subject to change without notice.

10% consumption tax is payable on Japan domestic tickets, but this tax is exempted if flights are connected with international flights within 24 hours. Tax exemption may not be available when booking domestic flights alone.

Please note that all special fare seats are inventory controlled, and not all seats are available at these costs.



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