[Japan] 1-Day: Himeji Castle with an English-speaking Guide

Tour Details

Tour ID: K1219

1. Visit the World Heritage Site and national treasure Himeji Castle with an English-speaking tour guide.
2. Round trip regular JR train tickets from Shin-Osaka to Himeji are included.
3. We will provide one ‘Himeji Castle VR Scope’ per person at the castle. As well as seeing the actual castle with your own eyes, enjoy a virtual reality (VR) experience too. Through your smartphone, you can enjoy virtual images of the castle’s tower captured from the air by a drone which you wouldn’t be able to see with the naked eye.

We will provide 1 VR Scope per person (adults and children) at Himeji Castle. You will need to install a free app on your smartphone beforehand. Please be aware that the VR technology may not work with some smartphone models. Unfortunately, even if your phone is not compatible with the VR, a refund for the fee is not available.

At Himeji Castle, you cannot specify the time you want the tour to start. We will let you know the time in the final itinerary.