[Japan] 2-Days: Hida Takayama & Shirakawa-go Sightseeing Bus in 2 Days by Round-Trip Bus

Tour Details

Tour ID: K1110

1. Overnight stay at the popular Hida Takayama area. Look forward to hot springs and a Hida beef dinner.

2. Day 2 is a visit to Shirakawa-go by sightseeing bus. Enjoy strolling around the World Heritage Site.

3. Walk around and get to know the Hida Takayama area.

4. Tokyo to Takayama direct by highway bus. No transfers!

[Additional information] *Since this is an independent tour, no guide will accompany the trip. All necessary documents like the final itinerary sheet, coupons etc. will be given to you so that you can complete all admin by yourself during the tour. The documents will be delivered to your hotel the day before the tour. When booking, please remember to include the hotel’s address.