[Japan] 1-Day: Kyoto’s 7 Autumn Highlights

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Tour ID: J1410

Travel conveniently by a tour bus to visit the highlights of Kyoto, which will be very busy during this time of year!

1. Nagaoka Tenmangu Shrine: Visit the autumn leaves garden.
2. Komyo-ji Temple: Autumn foliage tints the whole area. *This attraction is particularly difficult for individuals to get to as you need to use public transportation which will be very crowded and there is no parking lot.
3. Tofukuji Temple: The most popular view is of the Tsutenkyo Bridge from which you get excellent views of the valley full of maple trees.
4. Nanzenji Temple: A leading autumn leaves viewing spot in Kyoto.
5. The Philosopher’s Path (Tetsugaku no michi): Water in the canal reflects the autumn leaves on the surface.
6. Arashiyama: Widely known as the national scenic spot for autumn leaves.
7. Chartered boat cruise at Arashiyama: Enjoy viewing autumn leaves from the boat.

[The best viewing season of autumn leaves]
・Nagaoka Tenmangu Shrine: mid- late November
・Komyo-ji Temple: mid- late November
・Tofukuji Temple: early – late November
・Nanzenji Temple: early November – early December
・Philosopher’s Path: early November – early December
・Arashiyama: late November – early December