[Japan]1-Day: Ultimate Kyoto Cherry Blossom Tour (8 Spots) From Namba OCAT / Umeda

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Tour ID: J1405

Visit 8 famous cherry blossom places in Kyoto:

1. Arashiyama cherry blossom boat ride (30 minute cruise)
2. Arashiyama: explore this popular district of Kyoto transformed into a pink wonderland.
3. View a cherry blossom tunnel from the Randen tram.
4. Moto-Rikyu Nijo Castle, a World heritage site Entrance to Ninomaru Palace requires a separate fee of JPY400.
5. Nanzen-ji Temple: See cherry blossoms and the Suirokaku aqueduct.
6. Philosopher’s Path: Look forward to seeing the line of cherry trees along the canal.
7. Keage Incline – a historic spot on the Kyoto side of the Biwako Canal that looks beautiful when 500m of cherry trees are in full bloom.
8. Sewari-tei: a levee with 1.4km of cherry blossoms. This is a viewing spot only known by a few people!

*Peak viewing period is late March~early April.