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Kintetsu International Express (thereafter KIE) offers the arrangement for your business travel that suites for your purpose.


How to reduce business travel cost

It is said that the largest expense for the business travel is the air ticket. The cost is about 1/4 to 1/3 of the total.

In general, the closer the departure date is the more difficult to arrange airline tickets cheaply. If the travel date is less than a week away, it will be very high, almost the same as normal fare. In fact, the more a sudden business trip will be required more expenses for the same itinerary. Although it is rather difficult to avoid the occurrence of business trips in the last minutes, it is still possible to reduce the price of air tickets even a little.

In addition, there are many cases where the cost has become high as a result deviating from the company’s rules, such as using a flight and a fare class that can earn mileage preferred by a business traveler even if it is somewhat higher by business travelers’ own judgement. Although it may not always follow the company regulations without exception, there are also differences that cannot be neglected by reducing that case.

Like booking air tickets, there are tricks for booking hotel and car rental. As we are trustworthy travel agency which are helping business travel over many years, we are helping you optimum purchasing for business travel along with each company’s rules and business travel style.

Improve operational efficiency

When booking an airline ticket or booking hotel reservation for a business travel, what procedures do you and your employees arrange? Do you know how much valuable time of your employee is spared for the arrangement of airline tickets and hotels?

【Preparation time: more than 1.5 hours on average / a business travel】 (Researched by KIE)

As a result of comparing and examining among various websites and travel agencies, the business traveler seems to be able to make the most inexpensive arrangements. But the time spent on this work, it has not been counted the cost of yourself working. By leaving it to our company, you can save not only visible travel expenses but also invisible employees’ valuable working hours.

Also, as a result of each person in charge buying on various websites, the checkout work based on the receipt requires another effort. Confirmation of the validity of the receipt, whether it is not double payment, purchase at the price according to the regulation, confirmation of such things and the administrative processing is also a hard work.

Are you wasting your time focusing on saving cost too much?

Accounting benefits

In case of arranging a ticket by a person who is going to a business travel, immediate settlement for using a credit card is in principle. Even if each employee has provided a corporate card, you have to prepare yourself for a cash flow of a very large amount in immediate settlement at the time of arranging all tickets for business trips ahead.

We can avoid immediate settlement based on post-pay contract and a business traveler can use a corporate card without worry. In addition, we can prepare reports on actual usage and details, so you can use it to evaluate your business travel and plan for the future.

Risk management

Along with globalization of corporate activities, the employees’ activities has expanded all over the world. It is now the responsibility of a global company to organize a system that allows employees to check the safety in a short time in case of an emergency. By making us your only agency for airline ticket / hotel reservation desk, it can be useful for risk management.


The compensation of emergency

We have insurance policy for death or severe disability in air travel onto air tickets from us in case of emergency situation.
※ Limited to round-trip tickets only purchased from us. Please contact the consultant for more details.
※ The policy of this accident insurance is here.

For consultation, please feel free to contact us for details or contact us from the inquiry form.

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