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  • All Canada Special 【WESTJET】LIMITED TIME SALE West Jet  Limited time Sale✈️ West Jet offers sale within Canada, to the U.S.,Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe for limited time! Hurry! Sale ends on April 19, 2018
  • East Special 【AIR CANADA $1026.00 + tax】EASTERN CANADA to JAPAN round trip SEAT SALE AIR CANADA offers seat sale from EASTERN CANADA to JAPAN. Round trip fare of $1026.00 (+ tax about $262.00)~!! Coach class   to TOKYO, to OSAKA, to NAGOYA : August 19,2018 through December 1,2018 or December 25,2018 through January 1,2019 or January 7,2019 through April 30,2019  Departing from  Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec city : $1026.00 + tax ~ Halifax : $1126.00 […]
  • Mid West Special 【AIR CANADA $899.00 + tax】WESTERN CANADA to JAPAN round trip SEAT SALE AIR CANADA offers seat sale from WESTERN CANADA to JAPAN. Round trip fare of 899.00 (+ tax about $262.00)~!! Coach class   To OSAKA : May 12,2018 through June 23 or August 23 through September 8 or December 16 through December 23. Departing from  Calgary : $899.00 + tax ~ Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton : $999.00 + tax ~   To NAGOYA : June 2,2018 through […]
  • Airline All Canada WestJet New Information WestJet New Information Westjet offers summer service with new non-stop flights between Calgary and Quebec City, and non-stop flights between Vancouver and London, Ontario. This service starts June 29, 2018. For non-stop flights between Calgary and Quebec City *June 29, 2018 to September 8, 2018 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays *September 9, 2018 to October 26, […]
  • Japan Special 【AIR CANADA $3490.00 + tax】BUSINESS CLASS Canada to Tokyo round trip SEAT SALE Air Canada offers seat sale from CANADA to TOKYO. Round trip fare of $3490.00(+ about $260.00tax)~!!  Business class Travel dates : April 6,2018 through June 15,2018  Departing from : Toronto, Montreal : 3490.00+tax ~ Ottawa : 3930.00+tax ~ Quebec City : 4190.00+tax ~ Halifax, Charlottetown : 4390.00+tax ~    Vancouver, Calgary : 3490.00+tax ~ Victoria : 3850.00+tax ~ Edmonton : […]
  • Airline All Canada Air Canada New Information Air Canada New Information Now Air Canada has 4 fares available in Economy class. ◆Comfort(Economy) 1st checked bag free Free changes up to 61 days before departure 115% Aeroplan Miles Free extra legroom & standard seat selection Free same-day standby
  • Japan Special 【JAPAN AIRLINES $886.00 + tax】WESTERN CANADA to JAPAN round trip SEAT SALE JAPAN AIRLINES offers seat sale from CANADA to JAPAN. Round trip fare of $886.00 (+ tax about $262.00)~ !! Coach class Travel dates : March 30,2018 through June 23,2018 and September 9,2018 through December 15,2018 Destinations : Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya Departing from  Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary  Hurry! Sale ends on April 5.  
  • Information OFFICE CLOSURE We will be closed on Friday March 30 and Monday April 2. We will return on Tuesday April 3.  Have a great weekend!!
  • Japan Special 【AIR CANADA $1299.00 + tax】PREMIUM ECONOMY CANADA to OSAKA round trip SEAT SALE AIR CANADA offers PREMIUM ECONOMY seat sale from CANADA to OSAKA . Round trip fare of $1299.00 (+ tax about $262.00)~!!  Travel dates : May 12,2018 through October 26,2018  Departing from  Toronto, Montreal, Quebec city : $1499.00 + tax ~ Halifax : $1599.00 + tax ~ Charlottetown : $1649.00 + tax ~ Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary : $1299.00 + tax ~   Hurry! Sale ends on March […]
  • Japan Special EXTENDED【AIR CANADA $649.00 + tax】CANADA to OSAKA and NAGOYA round trip SEAT SALE AIR CANADA offers seat sale from CANADA to OSAKA and NAGOYA. Round trip fare of 649.00 (+ tax about $262.00)~!! Coach class     To OSAKA : May 12,2018 through October 26 Departing from  Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary : $649.00 + tax ~ Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec city : $849.00 + tax ~ Halifax : $949.00 + tax ~ Charlottetown : $1049.00 + tax ~ To NAGOYA : June 2,2018 […]

KINTETSU, Japan Travel Expert, serving JAPAN for 26 years!

No one knows Japan more than we do. We also offer old-fashioned friendly service. As a result, we have hundreds of satisfied customers each year, and this is our 28th year in business! Our Japan ticket prices are always EQUAL or LESS than their published LOWEST fares, guaranteed! With friendly service and excellent prices, you can’t loose!

We truly appreciate your patronage in the past and we look forward to another successful years ahead!



Count on us for all your business travel needs

With IT innovation, you are now able to arrange almost everything you need for your business travel by yourself through internet. But wait. Is it really convenient for you? Is it the most efficient way? The answer in NO. Arranging airline tickets or hotels for your business trip by yourself, that means you are spending more time and that leads your work creativity lower. Self arrangement does not necessarily mean cost saving. Why don’t you make real cost saving happen by asking travel professional for your business travel needs?



Professional skill make your group travel hustle free

If you are planning group travel in any kind, you have reached to the right place. We are group travel experts and have been making numbers of group travel to all over the world memorable and enjoyable. Group travel management is totally different from personal travel and professional expertise is the key for success. By taking advantage of our experience over the years and KINTETSU global network, we promise your important group travel or precious event becomes successful with hustle free.



Current Fuel surcharges on our partner airlines serving Japan

AIRLINE Air Canada JAL/American All Nippon Airways Delta Airlines United Airlines
Current C$43/U$43 C$43/U$43 C$43/U$43 C$43/U$43 C$43/U$43
Effective June 1, 2018 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

Above fuel surcharge is based on one-way between Canada/USA and Japan. Simply double up the amount if you are purchasing a round trip ticket.

NINJA WIFI – must item to stay connected to internet while traveling

Ninja WiFiTrains, buses, car rental and taxi are the essential transport when traveling around Japan. There is a portable WiFi rental service which enables the electronic devices to stay connected while moving. It is like carrying a WiFi hotspot with unlimited access to the Internet. Unlikely SIM card rental, this portable router can be connected 10 devices at the same time with unlimited data usage!


728x90“You’ll have the opportunity to benefit from the One Asia Pass in 10 asia cities including Tokyo, gaining discounts at selected hotels, shops, and attractions. Just show your pass at any affiliated establishment to enjoy savings. To find out more about the One Asia Pass and what it includes, see here:




Our partner airlines include Air Canada, West Jet, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and American Airlines. We are very familiar with Air Canada’s Aeroplan® eUpgrades, and can assist you with Executive class upgrades with a nominal fee. We also offer specially reduced tickets for travels within Japan. Ticket price starts at ¥10,000 (approx. C$110) per flight regardless of distance. Special conditions apply.




JRP_L-3KINTETSU is one of the authorized dealer for JAPAN RAIL PASS. With a JAPAN RAIL PASS, you can freely board almost any train on Japan Railways Group (JR Group) lines throughout Japan. For modern, convenient sightseeing, JAPAN RAIL PASS is a traveler’s friend! A regular round trip ticket between Tokyo and Osaka via bullet trains usually costs about the same cost of our most popular 7-day pass. With a 7-day rail pass, you can make this trip and much more…and for 7consecutive days!

For further information on their official web site, click HERE.




JTO_L-3This is a unique online accommodation booking engine, developed by KNT (KINKI NIPPON TOURIST CO., LTD.). As we are Canadian subsidiary of KNT, one of the major travel agency in Japan, we can take advantage of their strong purchasing power throughout Japan not only hotel type accommodation but Japanese style RYOKAN as well. If you are thinking of staying at RYOKAN, just give it a try!


Hotels.comLooking for accommodations in all over the world? No problem! Take advantage of this well-known booking engine. Of course it’s open 7 days 24 hours!



JNTO  Japan National Tourism Organization … Your Travel Companion!

JNTOWe highly recommend that you contact this tourist office prior to departure. Their friendly staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. In addition, they offer complimentary tourist booklet, maps, etc. at your disposal.

Visit their website or they can be reached by call or email.
Phone : (416) 366-7140
E-mail :

Enjoy your trip to Japan!